45th Reunion Questionnaire

Welcome Fellow Old Saybrook High Class of 1974 Alumni!  Would you please take 5 minutes to answer some questions for our 45th reunion? Your feedback is important because it will take the guess work out of planning or not planning our 45th reunion. Your feedback is vital to planning a memorable and fun event for all Old Saybrook High Class of 1974 Alumni to enjoy!!  Please complete the survey by 10/01/2018.

Thank you for contributing you opinions!


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1)   Are you interested in attending the OSHS Class of '74' - 45th year reunion?

  Maybe (please comment what factor would make you more likely to attend
2)   Are you interested in serving on the reunion planning committee?

Yes No
3)   Where would you like to see the reunion festivities to be held? i.e. Banquet Room, Bar Lounge, Restaurant, back yard, on the water

4)   Please list any teachers you would like to attend the reunion.

5)   What time of year would you prefer the reunion to be held that would help to assure your attendance?

6)   How much are you willing to pay to ensure this reunion meets your expectations?

  Up to $100. per person
  Up to $75. per person
  Up to $50. per person
  Up to $25. per person
  Other (please specify)
7)   Please provide any recommendations that you would make your 45th year reunion more meaningful to you.